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i miss panty and stocking

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A graze, a gash, our collocation. If our proximity could be seen for what it was, and not just for what it seemed, would it make a difference? For years, I have been learning how to be kind, not out of love, but out of disappointment and perhaps a flickering, directionless spite. Yet, even with this much fire, I couldn’t find it in me to either extend or raise my hand.

I just close my eyes.

At one point, I learned that kindness is hardly something that can be proffered with just strong intent. There will be a price to pay; sometimes I will, sometimes others will, and sometimes the very person on the receiving end will have to bear the full price.

And closer it comes.

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I’m really a shy girl you know? ☺️

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Surprise Motherfuckers. Via

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When she let’s you know… its time for bed…

Giorgia Soleri

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Mission Impossible. Via

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Urban Depths, Shinjuku 新宿

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It’s not often that my girl sits still for photos, so I’ve got to make the most of it when she does.

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