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witchsona commission for muss

ice/butterfly witch

2020/10/27 3:29


Now brothers.

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You Can’t Outsmart The Cat

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2020/10/27 2:22

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A few weeks ago I was able to play Nier Automata for the first time and I justー it’s too beautiful I fell in love ;; v ;;
I can’t get it out of my head and I’ve been looping its OST for days now.
I really really love the game ( ;∀;)

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A picture of my boxer that captures her gentle soul better than words ever could

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2020/10/26 21:59

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Cruise ships are disassembled for scrap metal at the Aliağa ship breaking yard in Izmir, Turkey. Before this year, most cruise ships would sail for decades before being scrapped, but the COVID-19 pandemic and government-issued “no sail” policies have brought the cruise industry to a halt, forcing many companies to downsize their fleets. Ships that arrive at Aliaga are torn apart and all items inside are removed and sold to other businesses or collectors. You’ll notice an additional ship has been added to the more recent, zoomed-in shot that’s shown here first.

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38.829544°, 26.930941°

Source imagery: Chris McGrath/Getty Images & Airbus Space

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Fluffed up bluejays


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Really love how Amelia’s version of the thumbnail has Gura on one of those child leashes

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