Automatic Tumblr Client


What is Reblogen?

It was designed for those who love to use Tumblr.
Automatic Tumbling is made possible through automation of posts. While watching posts scroll by, you can instantly make the decision to Reblog or Like. This web-based Tumblr client provides a new way to interface with Tumblr.

Reblogen is for Tumblista who process thousands of posts every day.
Reblogen is for the nameless people for whom Tumblr is an important part of their daily routine.
Reblogen is for those with Tumblr in their blood, bones, and dreams.

Reblogen screen shot

Please operate with your left hand

It is designed for use with the left hand.
Press the J key for the next post, the K key for the previous post, and the T key to Reblog. I believe that everyone is familiar with this operation. Reblogen has moved the function keys to the left (but the original operation is still available). You may now use the S key for the next post, the W key for the previous post, and the A key to Reblog. In the future, please use the W, S, and A keys. Please use your right hand to hold a coffee cup or some other useful activity.

shortcut key

The flow of the posts is ceaseless

It is designed with the automatic progression of posts in mind.
The era of recommending a post with the J key has come to an end. Please automatically progression with the C key. Posts will change every 1.5 seconds (this rate can be set). During that time, you can decide whether you would like to Reblog, Like, do nothing, and continue to the next post.

Please accustom yourself to the 1.5 second rhythm. If you come across a post that you cannot judge in 1.5 seconds, hold down the D key to temporarily stop the automatic progression of posts. Please note that you must hold down the key. When you release the key the automatic progression will begin again.

rolling sushi

To you who do not have courage

I created a tumblr ranking page "Tumblr ranking".
I understand your anxiety well. I was the same as you. Reblogen Ranking can help you.
That is the same as Tumblr.


Your password is not saved on the Reblogen side. However, if you select “Remember me” then an encrypted access token with the ability to access user resources will be created and stored on the server. This access token will be destroyed when you sign out.
We will not be able to assist you with any inconvenience you may experience through the use of Reblogen.
Functionality has been tested on the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and IE. We will not look back to the past.

Author: Newton
Twitter: @newton
Blog: Notwen
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